Load more items with the

Zoo Items Load More Button

The Zoo Items Load More Button is a plugin built with Ajax for the Zoo Item Pro Module that allows you to load more items on a page.

It's that Easy!

Step 01

Install the plugin

Download and install the Molotov Zoo Items Load More Button. It works with Joomla! 3.X.
Step 02

Configure plugin

Enable plugin and go to plugin settings. Add the same class to the module as the position you chose for the module.
Step 03

Watch it work

In the Zoo Item Pro Module you are using you will see the button to load more items on click.

Get the Zoo Bundle!

Buy the Zoo Item Load More Button and the Zoo Item Preview separately, or get them together as a bundle for a special price!

Technical Specifications

  • Joomla! 3.x (we recommend the latest version)
  • PHP 7.x
  • MySQL 5.5.3
  • Zoo 3.3.X
  • Zoo Item Pro Module

Frequently Asked Questions

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My subscription has expired. Can I still use the component?

Yes, you can still use the component and the component's functionality is not affected by your subscription's status. However, without an active subscription you will no longer receive component updates and customer support for your registered domain(s).

Can I upgrade my subscription to a multi-site type?

Yes, you can upgrade your subscription. However, the terms of the upgrade depend on the type of subscription you currently have, the subscription you want to upgrade to and the subscription period. Please submitting a ticket to discuss your particular case and receive our offer for upgrading subscriptions.

Do you have any offers or promotions?

Yes, we constantly offer promotions for our products. To stay up to date with our latest promotions and discounts, as well as new components or plugins launched please subscribe to our newsletter.

What do I do if I need extra features?

If you need extra features or custom development please contact us using the Contact us form or by submitting a ticket. We offer custom development for all our products.

Do you offer a bundle price for all your components?

At the moment we do not offer a bundle price for all our components, but we can create a special bundle offer on request. Please submit a ticket and let us know your needs.

Get the Zoo Items Load More Button

This plugin will allow you to load more items in the Zoo Item Pro module.

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