Refund Policy

Molotov Plus does not offer refunds for purchased products. Unlike physical goods, electronically distributed software and software licenses can be easily duplicated. Once we have distributed a release version to the customer, the sale is final, and you may not return the software for a refund or credit. Please be cautious and make sure you know what you are purchasing.

We do not provide refunds on the following reasons:
- "your software is not what I need".
- you found a bug in our software. If you do find bugs, please report them using our ticketing system so that we can fix them.
- you wanted to test the software. If you are uncertain of a specific feature, please ask us a question using our ticketing system or watch the tutorial videos.

We reserve the right to approve refunds in the following cases:
- in the event of a mistake purchase: please contact us through our ticketing system.
- if you want to upgrade from a single website subscription to multiple websites subscription within 30 days of the purchase.

For all other issues that don't fall into the categories above or if you have any other questions about our refund policy, please contact us using our ticketing system.

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